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Mobile Security / PC Security / FIDO-based BIO authentication


Integrated authentication system / FIDO-based BIO authentication

Biometric authentication supporting a number of authenticator types. OnePass provides an authentication solution focused on strong encryption and user convenience.

TouchEn Onepass
FIDO-based BIO authentication solution
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A next-generation solution that authenticates the user to the server after verifying their identity locally on a mobile device. The user's biometric data is never exposed to the Internet or stored on a remote server.

Mobile Security

Solutions that can help prevent leaks of corporate and private data through smart device access.

TouchEn mGuard
Mobile Device Management(MDM/MAM)
An optimal solution for mobile device management in a mobile office or BYOD setting.

Samsung knox
TouchEn AppIron
Application Forgery Protection
Prevents application forgery attempts (decompile/recompile) with strong source code obfuscation
Server-side solution detects and disables connections from compromised applications
TouchEn mTransKey
Mobile Virtual Keypad
Korea's first virtual keypad solution designed for smartphones. The only solution compatible with all web browsers and smartphone apps.
TouchEn mVaccine
Anti-virus for Android
Korea's first anti-virus solution for Android devices. Threat analysis and detection powered by Raonsecure's WhiteHat research analysts.
TouchEn mOTP
Mobile OTP (one-time password)
Second factor authentication employing OTP delivery through your smart device.
TouchEn Appfree
Mobile Web Electronic Signature
A solution providing electronic signature function for mobile web without installing Active X or other plug-ins
Supports banking and electronic payment services through authentication certificates for all mobile web apps
TouchEn mWiseaccess
Mobile SSO (single sign-on)
Korea's first mobile-based SSO solution

PC Security

Solutions focusing on protecting a user's PC and personal online financial transactions.

TouchEn Key
Keyboard Security
A solution that prevents key-logging and other types of keyboard input interception
Provides its own E2E security
TouchEn Transkey
Virtual Keyboard
A solution that mitigates keylogging risk by abstracting keyboard input via on-screen keyboard and mouse input
Provides its own E2E security
TouchEn Firewall
Personal PC firewall
An integrated firewall/anti-virus solution which protects a user's data from external threat

About RAON

Raonsecure is pursuing and holds a number of security technology patents in the IoT / integrated security space. We promote future-oriented technology and products for integrated authentication by combining the next-generation of authentication technology including human/device authentication, security-applied technology, and FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) based on PKI technology.

Ministerial Awards from the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning at the 3rd annual Information Protection Day

Grand Prize awarded at the 14th Mobile Technology USIM Smart Authentication event hosted by the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning
TouchEn OnePass is FIDO-certified

Official partnership with Samsung Electronics KNOX
Samsung knox
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Our Customers

We are the market leader in Korea for ICT integrated security for financial and public sectors. Based on our proven technology and experience, we are trusted by more than 500 businesses and currently 30 million individual customers in the public, financial, and business sectors are using our products or services.




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