CEO's Greetings

“make IT fun and secure”
“make IT fun and secure, RAON”
Due to digitalization across our society and the transition to a contactless society, it is ever more critical to proactively respond to evolving security threats and securely prove one’s identity in the digital world.

RAON is constantly exploring ways to have these changes led by technological advances bring joy to everyone.

As the name RAON implies, our goal is to create a secure and joyful IT world for everyone amid rapid changes.

RaonSecure leads the integrated security markets for mobile and IoT platforms, leveraging the nation's premier mobile security solutions and FIDO biometric authentication technology. We offer security and authentication solutions tailored for finance, public, and general enterprises. RaonSecure has emerged as a leading IT security and authentication platform company representing Korea.

RaonSecure has contributed to establishing the national mobile ID ecosystem in Korea by utilizing safe and reliable blockchain Digital ID technology. Furthermore, we are paving the way to a new era of digital identity and credential space.

We also offer 'RAON Metademy', a training platform in the metaverse that is revolutionizing the education sector. Our elite white-hat hacker teams provide next-generation integrated platform services, including white-hat consulting services.

RaonSecure employees promise to continue to pursue innovation and make efforts to turn our hopes for the future into reality based on our technological capabilities and expertise.

Please stay tuned with us to see a new paradigm RaonSecure is making in the global security and authentication space.

CEO Lee Soon-hyung, Lee Junga