Corporate Asset

Future values that a company can generate depend on how well the company manages and utilizes its information assets. Companies must develop a sound plan for corporate asset protection since their critical information, such as confidential corporate data or customer information, can leak via screen captures or print-outs, and the unauthorized use of their original images or contents is on the rise.
Companies may use security labels according to their visitor policy, but they are less effective and cause waste of human resources and cost. Accordingly, companies rather need to find ways to protect their information assets and boost productivity at the same time.

Security threats from cyber attackers are becoming more intelligent and advanced. In the technology-driven world, companies need to employ more sophisticated security strategies.
Due to a high internet penetration rate and IT technology-based industries, Korea often becomes a target of international cyberattacks. In particular, security threats against enterprises are constantly increasing as well as damages from asset leaks due to hacking attacks, so it is imperative for companies to enhance the overall security system and raise the employees' security awareness.
Internal cybersecurity is something that can be easily overlooked while focusing on preventing attacks from external sources. Corporate data leaks due to the company employees or visitors are occurring more frequently than we think. Critical and confidential corporate data, including customer information, intellectual property, design drawings, and source codes, must be protected through strong security policies and management.
Is your company carrying out robust management to prevent the leakage of confidential corporate information by internal employees or visitors?
Can the protection of valuable corporate assets improve not only security but also business productivity?
Both workplace security and business productivity can be assured by systematically managing critical corporate resources and securing visibility on them. It is a must, not an option, for companies and institutions to establish and constantly maintain a sustainable and effective security system to increase business values.
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