Integrated Mobile

As smartphones became popular backed by solid IT infrastructure, businesses are utilizing different types of mobile offices. In addition to BYOD*, which allows the employees of an organization to use their own devices for work purposes, CYOD*, COPE*, and COBO*, which allow individuals to use corporate-owned devices both on and off the job, are emerging as new ways of working. In line with the trend, the EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) framework for integrated security that protects crucial corporate data effectively is gathering considerable attention in the mobile security market.

*BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), COPE (Company Owned Personally Enabled), COBO (Company Owned Business Only)

It is possible to protect crucial corporate data while not infringing on the employees' right to use personal devices by establishing an integrated mobile security system.
It was difficult to separate MDM (Mobile Device Management) from privacy issues when using personal devices for business purposes. Thanks to more advanced technology, we now can separate work and personal areas physically and completely from one device, and it allows us, in turn, to better prevent corporate data leaks without infringing the right to use personal devices.
The best enterprise security measure in a remote working environment where employees can access the work system anytime and anywhere is to protect the "connected devices" securely. The security level of the employees' connected devices must be kept up-to-date to avoid any security threats.
Has your company put proper security and device management solutions in place for various devices accessing your company's critical information, in line with the growing number of working-from-home and remote working populations?
Don't you want to avoid the hassle of implementing all different solutions required for a smart office one by one, including business app authentication, access control, and mobile antivirus?
Frequently accessed work apps can adopt FIDO-based biometric authentication to offer fast yet secure authentication. In addition, they can also implement SSO (Single Sign-On), which enables instant access to different work apps with one-time login, to achieve greater work efficiency. On top of that, both convenience and security can be assured through device management without a management server, based on the access control system.
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