Account Access Control

The number one cause of data breaches worldwide is human accidents, i.e., mistakes or malicious acts of internal staff. Although regulations on information security become stricter every year, concerns over data leakages are not yet relieved as corporate IT system environments get increasingly complex and the number of user accounts to manage has grown. Companies must enhance security for their account control system, such as internal access authorization and management, to prevent any data leakage. Taking one step further, companies must explore ways to achieve work efficiency in a comprehensive manner.

Are you experiencing a loss of work continuity due to redundant logins despite the introduction of various business systems in an effort to improve efficiency?
As your business grows, your business system becomes more complex, and there are more user accounts to manage. Requiring the same user to do redundant logins for different systems is not only inconvenient but also negatively affects the user's work continuity. That's why you need to create a business environment that boosts convenience and productivity while minimizing unnecessary login procedures.
A user account shares the same lifecycle with the user. Businesses require an account management system that comprehensively manages the entire process from joining the company, changing positions, changing roles to leaving the company based on consistent user policies and minimizes the burden and cost of work.
Lifecycle management of employee accounts is required as employees join and leave the company or change roles and status. Are you seeking ways to manage users and their accounts systematically in accordance with consistent policies?
Access to internal resources must be controllable in detail pursuant to the user's department, rank, and position. Our solutions for an integrated account management system, which saves time and cost, can resolve your concerns!
Administrators establish and manage numerous authentication information and integrated security policies for various internal and external systems. Organizations require differential access control with specific functions implemented by establishing an integrated account management system to improve both the business stability and efficiency of the entire organization.
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