Digital Signature & PKI

With the expansion of mobile-based electronic financial services, the number of mobile banking and internet banking customers in Korea has already surpassed 110 million and 150 million, respectively, in 2019. In particular, the number of mobile banking customers has shown a steady growth of 7% every year since 2018. As mobile and web-based electronic financial services become popular, the significance of digital signatures and certificate security is also highlighted. Since there is a steady demand for Recognized Common Certificates even after the amendment of the Digital Signature Act, a service that allows a constant, secure, and convenient use of a Recognized Common Certificate is required.

The Accredited Certificate of Authentication lost its exclusive status, but many people are still using it as a Recognized Common Certificate.
Despite the launch of various private authentication services, many people still use Recognized Common Certificates for authentication. In the post-Accredited Certificates era, it is still crucial to have a secure and easy-to-use digital signature platform that supports Recognized Common Certificates in terms of diversity and convenience.
Especially in sensitive e-financial transactions, critical financial information, including the password of an Accredited Certificate, could be stolen via man-in-the-middle attacks or keyloggers. In order to prevent any economic damage from such attacks, a secure electronic financial environment must be established by connecting solutions optimized for certificates and digital signature security.
Have you prepared countermeasures against personal information theft and the consequent financial damages that may occur during electronic financial transactions?
A company's information security capabilities are directly linked to its credibility and have an impact on the survival of the company.
Customers harbor doubts about companies' information security capabilities due to occasionally occurring massive data leaks. Companies must enhance corporate credibility and competitiveness by protecting customer information with proactive and comprehensive security strategies rather than taking a reactive approach.
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