RAON Family

RAON Create a safe and user-friendly IT environment for everyone.

  • RaonSecure
  • Digital Trust Networks
  • OmniOne
  • Security IQ Up
As the name RAON implies, we are creating a secure and joyful IT world for everyone.
RAON family is shaping the future of IT security and authentication industry.
RaonSecure is leading the digital security and authentication market based on the country’s best mobile security solutions and its presence in the FIDO biometric authentication technology.
INBIZNET provides the simple payment with ARS authentication and identity verification solution. Digital Trust Networks based in Silicon Valley and is getting into the global market with its biometric authentication and blockchain technology.
In addition, the other affiliates, including OmniOne, Raon Japan and Raon Indonesia, are also sharing the journey together.
INBIZNET is one of the best solution providers for safe and convenient payment and identity verification. We have developed its own authentication services, including 'Ring2Pay,' a simple payment solution through ARS authentication, 2FA possession-based authentication, OTP authentication, and authentication for registering withdrawal accounts. We are developing authentication technologies that can be applied in various fields, including the de-identification of personal information required for authentication and face-to-face or non-face-to-face authentication using electronic ID cards. We aim to provide financial, payment, and authentication means that are safe and convenient for everyone to use.
Digital Trust Networks
With the mission of adding the values of trust and accountability to the
digital world, Digital Trust Networks is at the forefront of establishing
DID technology standards to secure interoperability essential for
implementing a global identity authentication system and offers
relevant solutions.
OmniOne along with OmniOne Digital ID, OmniOne Enterprise, OmniOne CX, OmniOne NFT,
and OmniOne Badge offer a safer and more convenient identity service to improve SSI for everyone.
RaonSecure annually hosts the ‘Security IQ Up’ seminar, inviting information security and privacy executives, partners, journalists and others to share industry news and introduce new technologies and products that are trending.