Keyboard Security

As contactless activities became normal in the post-COVID-19 era, the significance of internet and PC security gets highlighted again. While both service providers and users input numerous personal and sensitive information online, there are still security threats such as memory hacking and keylogging attacks to steal such data. Accordingly, government authorities and relevant institutions introduced enhanced rules and regulations, and guidelines related to information security to avoid any loss of corporate assets and personal information. Companies should take necessary security measures to be in full compliance and promote the safety and efficiency of entire business operations.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is prolonged, more people are involved in online-oriented social and economic activities such as working-from-home and remote learning. This trend emphasizes the importance of PC security again.
Increasing internet use via remote systems results in growing security threats aiming at its vulnerabilities. Numerous information input through keyboards is targeted by hackers, requiring companies that offer various online services to have more sophisticated and enhanced security policies and responses.
Information leakage caused by malware infection is difficult for users to recognize easily, and there are not even many practical ways to personally prevent damage. It is why companies need to enhance their security credibility through proactive and aggressive security responses to protect personal information.
Memory hacking programs are often installed on the PC without the user's knowledge. Financial institutions and organizations capable of technical response must rigorously protect individual customers who are relatively vulnerable to external hacking attempts.
Do you know that keyboard hacking techniques are special, so common antivirus or firewalls cannot fully prevent such attacks, and rather a security solution dedicated to keyboard hacking prevention is required?
Keyboard hacking is an unusual technique that causes a hacking program to be installed on the user's PC through the website targeted by the hacker and steals all input from the user's keyboard. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge that only a dedicated security program optimized for keyboard hacking can respond to such threats and consider introducing one when creating a security portfolio.
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