Various mobile services, including e-finance, public, and commerce services, now replace ID/password with other methods such as facial∙fingerprint∙iris recognition and OTP. With this change, users can reduce stress from memorizing or changing passwords, and companies can reduce the burden of management and cost. Moreover, establishing an MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) system instead of single-factor authentication can better prevent company data breaches like account information leaks.

How well are you prepared for increasingly serious data breach attacks targeting corporate entities?
The number of large-scale data breaches and leaks is increasing globally every year. As hacking threats to public and financial institutions and private companies are becoming more serious, there has been growing awareness of the significance of information security. Since the single-factor authentication system needs improvements to secure information, mobile-based MFA authentication has garnered much attention.
With the abolition of the mandatory use of the public Accredited Certificate of Authentication, all authentication certificates became equally effective. A growing number of companies are introducing simple yet secure biometric authentication to move away from the inconvenient issuance and management of Recognized Common Certificates for internal authentication.
Following the Digital Signature Act amendment, public and financial institutions are promptly introducing FIDO biometric authentication system for identification.
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Try the convenient authentication process with a fingerprint recognition sensor built into the PC or a USB biometric authentication device. It enables easy yet quick authentication in diverse access environments, including an environment where the device has no fingerprint sensor and a virtualization environment.
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