OnePass, the FIDO-based authentication platform of RaonSecure, is ...


-    Shinhan Bank deploys OnePass for its SOL authentication, to replace the Authorized Certificate
-    RaonSecure leads the next generation authentication with its FIDO-based authentication platform, OnePass

On Dec 17., RaonSecure announced that its OnePass, the FIDO-based authentication platform, will be further deployed in SOL authentication, the digital signature of Shinhan Bank Korea. With this outcome, RAON would accelerate its business in private authentication.

Already in 2016, RaonSecure has established the FIDO-based authentication platform ‘OnePass’ within the mobile banking platform of Shinhan Bank, which was the first among financial institutions in Korea. However, revision of the Digital Signature Act was announced to come into effect soon which signaled increase in the demand for private authentication in Korea to replace the existing Authorized Certificate. Following the trend, RaonSecure extensively deployed the existing OnePass to cover the bank’s new digital signature service, SOL Authentication. With this renewed service, users will be able to sign in using various identifiers such as finger prints, PIN or patterns.

OnePass is a bio-authentication platform that acquired GS and FIDO certificate. It is designed to support various environments including mobile devices, PCs, or web browsers without restrictions. Also, it minimizes changes in the existing system by supporting numerous standards such as SAML, JWT, and RestAPI. Furthermore, integrated authentication is available as its module-type format allows extensive interoperability.

With OnePass—the successful platform with the most references not to mention being the first player in financial sector—RaonSecure plans to provide high security FIDO-based authentication solutions expansively so that it can cover not only identification procedure but also digital signature in the private authentication sector.

Soonhyung Lee, the CEO of RaonSecure, said, “The end of Authorized Certificate is bringing the era of bio-authentication as private authentication services are more and more highlighted. We, RaonSecure, will lead the next generation authentication system through safe and convenient FIDO-based solutions as the board member of International FIDO Alliance.”